Pender High School Paid Internship Students

Pender High School's CTE Department has developed a partnership with Black River Family Practice and Value Rx Pharmacy in Burgaw that presents some very unique opportunities for their students. This semester 3 Pender High School students are participating in paid internships with Black River. These students are receiving a course credit in Honors CTE Internship while also earning a paycheck from Black River.  These types of experiential work-based learning experiences will help our students make the informed decision of being enrolled, enlisted or employed upon graduation. 

Below is an outline of the students' Internship Goals and Responsibilities

Alaina Pate - Black River Family Practice, Burgaw
Goals for internship:
1. Learning business computer applications
2. Medical office functionality
3. Nursing duties
Scanning documents, data entry, and assisting staff with daily tasks. 
Alaina will also have the opportunity to shadow nurses throughout the week to further explore a career she is interested in.

Jovani Rivera-Hernandez - Black River Family Practice, Burgaw
Goals for internship:
1. Learn how a clinic works from a business perspective. 
2. Learn what it takes to make a clinic work. 
3. Help the language barrier between staff and patients. 
Assist with office duties. Also serving as a translator for patients who experience a language barrier in communicating with medical staff. 

Gracyn Strickland - Value Rx Pharmacy
Goals for Internship:
1. Fill prescriptions with 100% accuracy. 
2.  Learn what medication treats various illnesses. 
3. Learn brand name vs generic of medications. 
Work with customers to fill doctor prescriptions to treat various conditions/illnesses. Work at the cash register, fill prescriptions and work with the Pharmacist in day to day activities.