BURGAW, NC -  Pender County Schools (PCS) is accepting informal bids for two (2) “Modular Four Classroom Project.” Bids are due on December 8, 2022 at 2:00P.M. No bids will be accepted after this date and time. 

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Bid Drop Off Results

Bid Opening 


1) The bid spec mentions turnkey.

  a) Who is handling the plumbing (sewer/water) to the proposed site and connecting to the modular?        
      Pender County Schools will be connecting the sewer/water to the modular units. 

   b) Who is handling the electric to the proposed site and hooking the electrical up to the modular?
      Pender County Schools will be connecting the electrical to the modular units.

2)  Who is responsible for permitting?
      Pender County Schools will obtain permits for this project. 

3)  Is the proposed location dirt, concrete and/or asphalt?
      The location is dirt.

4) Is the proposed location relatively level?

5) Gas heat or electric heat strips for the Bard units?
      Electric Heat strips

6) What is the anticipated delivery/ install date?
       Anticipated delivery date is for 6/1/23 (when the school year ends). The install will be       immediate upon delivery.

7)  Can VCT be substituted for LVT?
       Upon further review by Pender County Schools, we will allow VCT in lieu of LVT for the Project

8) Should the HVAC be 3 ton or 3 1/2 ton per unit?
        All bids should include 3 ton units.

9) Is there a site plan showing location?
       I have attached a site plan showing 8 individual one classroom modulars that was part of the original design of the school. We are going to condense the modulars into (2) 4 classroom modulars at the same location.

Site plan 1
Site plan 2