HAMPSTEAD, NC – Topsail High School, which is one of six high schools in the country with a Coast Guard JROTC program, has been awarded an annual maritime scholarship opportunity by the Northeast Maritime Institute (NMI).

The Northeast Maritime Institute Foundation provides tuition assistance and created an NMI Foundation Mariner Scholarship program, which is available annually to one graduating student from select High Schools. This scholarship will pay for half of their annual tuition at the Northeast Maritime Institute’s College of Maritime Science.

NMI is a private, two-year maritime college located in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Having trained professional mariners since 1981, NMI is the nation’s first private maritime college.

There is a growing demand for qualified personnel to operate, maintain and manage vessels along the coastline of the United States. In fact, in coming decades for the overall U.S. maritime workforce, there are projected to be more than 35,000 job openings for sailors and marine oilers; 29,000 job openings for captains, mates, and pilots; and 9,500 job openings for ship engineers.