HAMPSTEAD,  NC - Caiya Medlin, a 9th grader at Topsail High School, secured victory in the sixth annual “Keep Our Air Clean” Student Art Contest. Caiya, who entered the competition as an 8th grader at Surf City Middle School, follows in the footsteps of the 2021 winner, Vivienne Butanis, also from Surf City Middle School.

Hosted by the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center (NCCETC), the contest invited students from kindergarten through high school across the state to submit artwork focused on actions to reduce air pollution from vehicles.

Caiya expressed her motivation, stating, "I entered because I think the contest really has a great impact on North Carolina. Art is an amazing way to express ideas, and so I am using this opportunity to spread awareness on global issues such as idling cars."

The talented artist shared her excitement upon learning about her win, saying, "I was so excited! I honestly had to double-check to see if the email was correct because I was so blown away. I have been entering this art contest for 3 years now, so when I finally won, I felt really accomplished!"

With over 80 students participating, Pender County Schools continues to shine in statewide competitions, showcasing the artistic prowess and dedication of its students. The winning artwork can be seen on billboards across North Carolina, carrying the vital message of environmental responsibility. 

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