bottlecap mural

HAMPSTEAD, NC – North Topsail Elementary is delighted to share the progress made in the Bottle Cap Mural Project—a testament to the power of community collaboration and environmental stewardship.

Since April 2023, families in the community have rallied together, generously contributing thousands of bottle caps that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. These discarded caps are now being transformed into a vibrant work of art that will grace the walls of North Topsail Elementary.

Our youngest contributors, Kindergarten students, demonstrated their commitment by sorting the caps by colors, providing a visually appealing palette for the mural. The project gained further depth as 3rd-grade students, aligning with their Wit and Wisdom Module focused on the Sea, painted the mural's background, infusing educational significance into the artwork.

“The success of this venture wouldn't have been possible without the unwavering support of Ms. Fluke, Ms. Barker, Ms. Pridgen, Ms. Gover, Coach Calarco, and Ms. Simmons. Their enthusiasm and commitment to realizing this 'crazy idea' have truly turned it into something amazing,” said Assistant Principal Kelly Denny. “It's heartening to witness our school community coming together to create art that not only beautifies our space but also carries a meaningful message of environmental responsibility.”

The next step involves the drilling process, symbolizing the unity and commitment of our school community. Staff members kicked off this phase at our November staff meeting, with each team member contributing by drilling a cap onto the mural's dolphin. Now, every student from Kindergarten to 5th grade will have the opportunity to actively participate in this transformative project, with the support of teachers and parent volunteers.

The Bottle Cap Mural Project exemplifies the spirit of collaboration, creativity, and environmental awareness within our community.