ROCKY POINT, NC - Who said math couldn’t be fun? You certainly cannot say that to the 21st Century participants at Rocky Point Elementary. Every Tuesday groups of students engage in two 30-minute sessions to learn math concepts “in motion,” by skipping up and down, back and forth on a 10 x 70 runway with numbers laid out from zero to 100. Next to the number line is an array of color-coded shapes that helps students quickly see natural mathematical patterns to solidify math concepts and strategies learned during each session. 

“We are the only site using this program,” says Tiffany Jones, Site Director, “My wish is to see this program being used throughout the entire county and beyond.”

“Students love this program!,” says Dr. Liz Barber, Pathematics Coach. “I’ve traveled to Africa with this very same runway and taught children who don't even speak the English language- math skills, and concepts like you would not imagine. Kids enjoy it and the amount of growth that you see in the test scores is quite impressive!”

This program has produced math growth stemming from the 20th percentile to 80. “I have witnessed children grasp and demonstrate more math concepts and strategies in 30 minutes than I have seen obtained and demonstrated in a 45 - 60 minute math block in the classroom setting,” says Tiffany. “It's fun, it's different, it’s hands-on. The children love that, and anyone who tries it out would most likely agree!”

A  few things that you will see during a Pathematics session are determination, passion, and G.R.I.T., which are all traits that would truly make the heart of a parent and educator smile. Thanks, Dr. Elizabeth Barber for sharing such an amazing experience with our 21st Century students at Rocky Point Elementary School.