Mrs. Taylor, 1st grade

Mrs. Taylor is one our wonderful 1st grade teachers who believes that Learning is a journey, not a race, so enjoy the journey! Did you know if she were in the Olympics she'd compete in gymnastics? Go Mrs. Taylor!

- Mrs. Taylor

Mrs. Zondlo, EC

Mrs. Zondlo was born and raised in Pennsylvania . She likes to spend time with family, read, run and hike. If she wasn't teaching she'd live on a large farm with lots of animals.

- Mrs. Zondlo

Nurse Kandabarow

Our honest & funny nurse loves to flower and vegetable garden, go to beach and be in nature. Did you know she was born and raised in Slovenia? Her bucket list includes Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, the Amazon rain forest and Alaska.

- Nurse Kandabarow

Mrs. Harbin, Kindergarten

Mrs. Harbin was born and raised in Boone, NC. She loves to read, travel, and fish. Did you know that she is bilingual? Her advice to students at SCE is to be kind and do the right thing, even when you think no one is looking.

- Mrs. Harbin